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If you are in search of career progression or finding your first job, 2discover provide some expert advice and information for you to get ahead.

Cover Letter
Your Cover Letter should be designed with the intention of giving the reader a brief indication of what you have to offer and contribute to the role. The main purpose of the cover letter is to place you in the shortlist pile or at least stimulate the reader to continue reading and establishing that you cover the required skills, experience and attributes to fulfill that position.

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Preparing Your CV
A CV is a personal marketing document that communicates your career objectives, strengths and qualifications as well as demonstrating your potential contributions to a prospective employer. A powerful CV is planned and developed in a format designed to demonstrate your experience and achievements relative to the specific position.

Some of the more important considerations when designing your CV are your profile, previous job title, appropriate headings, use of keywords and reference statements. You should decide on inclusion of personal interests, dates, appropriate graphics, fonts, and the length or brevity of the CV.

It is imperative that you include and clearly display your full contact information. If your CV is well organised it may be the first step in indicating to your potential employer that you are well organised in all other respects.

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Interview preparation
To assist you with your search for your next job, 2discover provides advice on maximising your interview technique. Attending an interview is your chance to promote yourself and we will endeavour to provide you with all the information you need to succeed.

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