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Brilliant Women -First Blog post‏

Welcome to the first 2discover blog! We are kicking off the 2discover (2D)  blog inline with our decade in business celebrations.

We have covered a lot of ground over the last 10 years and built our business on great service, strong relationships and partnering with our clients for the long term.

A big part of what we have built our success on is recruitment through the lens of Diversity and Inclusiveness. Working with our clients  to understand their workforce mix and supplying talent across

Mature Age, Disability, Gender, Cultural Ethnicity, Indigenous and  LGBT.

It makes sense to us; having a team of people from a mix of backgrounds to provide service to a client group from a mix of backgrounds!

There is plenty of data available to the value a diverse team bring to the bottom line of any business and there are many case studies where a lack of diversity has worked against an organisation, have a look through HBR articles and similar publications to find out more.

The natural next step for us with our recruitment and consulting, was to start sharing the stories of all of the brilliant people we work with; Brilliant Woman, Brilliant Men, Brilliant Youth.

We will be posting articles, pictures and launching “ 2DTV” which will showcase interviews online conducted by a super talented guest  joining 2D team for this assignment . You will love her and the line up of  “ Brilliant Women, Men and Youth”

 Look forward to chatting with you as we start sharing our stories,


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